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Who am I ?


For years I've been teaching workshoppers how to cultivate theircreativity and find their voice. Now I also take my own advice seriously. I navigate most genres of SFFF, and especially the shadows between them. I also try, in vain, to convince my cat to write in my stead.


Working through Marie’s creative writing workshop was a delight. Her series of prompts guided me through a process I’d never before experienced, and the writings that resulted from it have thoroughly surprised me. I am certain that they would not exist had I not ventured through her course.


Each prompt bid me to slow, consider, and take my time as I practiced expressing thought, emotion, experience, memory, and imaginings in written form with my own voice. I found each prompt thought-provoking, challenging, and inspiring, and yet gently so due to Marie’s encouraging nature. Her teaching methods were both clever and effective, tying together exercises in a way that built on each other and helped me along to the next. 


Marie’s insightful observations and feedback were not only immensely helpful and affirming, but continue to spur me on with far more tools at my fingertips. The intentional care she put into her workshop is evident. I am so grateful to have gleaned from her expertise, and know that I will be a better writer for it.


Kimberly 國子 Taylor-Pestell

Artist of Lacelit | @lacelit

For any question or collaboration request, please write to:

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