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Writing workshops

Do you write? Have you always dreamed to write?

Do you feel there is a story in you waiting to unfurl if only you could find the words?

Maybe you already have a few pages, or a manuscript, but you have trouble polishing it?

I offer individual or group workshops, at various stages of your projects.

Discover creative writing

Thematic workshop cycles are here to help you discover that you do have imagination.

If you already write, come and explore new paths and broaden your horizons through the different prompts included in each workshop.

Workshops are 20 € and are non-refundable.

Pick your next workshop:

Proofreading and manuscript revisions

Are you looking for individual coaching for an ongoing writing project?

I can help you read through your manuscript looking for all the ways you can polish it, from structure to sentence-tweaking.

Group writing workshops

I work with libraries, schools (primary, secondary & high schools, universities) and bookshops to organise one-off or regular workshops.

I can adapt themes to the school curriculum or the cultural agenda of the place.

For any other enquiry

Thank you for your trust!

Where it all began

Writing workshops. A world that was entirely unknown to me before secondary school, when someone suggested I sign up. My first reaction was: “me? Write? But I have no imagination…” Four years later, I cried when the workshops ended.

I then shared my budding love for writing with friends. After high school, I turned to an independent bookshop where I was a regular. I wholly trusted the booksellers who, in turn, opened their arms to me. It was the start of a beautiful collaboration which still lasts today.

From the first year onwards, curiosity has brought many participants, some of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting again in later workshops. Each summer, during the holidays, I gather a dozen of curious minds around writing games, always with kindness.

Workshop after workshop, I keep learning. I feed on the participants’ trust, some of them having never written for themselves, others coming to explore new tracks. No matter how old the writers, I always feel the same worried excitement and the same emotion faced with the generosity of people sharing texts written on the moment.

From ink and paper are born laughs, tears and the whole spectrum unfurling between the two.

I hope to continue this beautiful adventure of writing workshops as long as possible, adapting them to people and places (libraries, schools, bookshops, homes). If you are interested, please get in touch.

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