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Online writing workshop - Books & their magic

In a few days now, registration will open for my first online writing workshop. I’ve been hosting them since 2012 in France, but 2020 is the year I’m offering digital ones as well to help you connect to your imagination & creativity no matter where you are in the world.

A bit of backstory

When I discovered writing workshops, as a young teenager, I went reluctantly. I didn’t understand why my mother would sign me up since I had no imagination. The first year, my texts were… dreadfully bad. I trudged through each prompt for the two hours of the workshop, writing bad prose and feeling slightly ashamed of reading it out loud, but not without a spark of pride that I was writing. I knew there was something there. I could feel a distant connection to the workshop pulling me back every Wednesday in the deserted library where the group would meet while the sun set. The next year, I registered again. And the next. It lasted for some four years, during which I discovered that I actually loved to write and, more importantly, that I could write.

I thought I had no imagination, but the only thing I missed was a spark.

I became a host myself when the library workshops stopped. I first had a small group of friends whom I’d guide through previous prompts, then it became official when I reached out to my local bookshop and we started a collaboration that is still going, eight years later (nine if we can organise some sessions this summer). In those eight years I gained confidence (at first I was terrified) and honed my own approach to writing workshops, coming up with my own prompts and always feeling excited when they found an echo in the participants. I offered my services in schools (from primary to university), in libraries and at home. I met other writing workshop hosts and their perspective deeply enriched mine. I discovered creative writing in English, which opened entirely new horizons.

What about you?

I know the feeling of words bubbling up to the surface until you feel you might burst.

I know the feeling of not finding the words.

I know the feeling of not knowing you have so many words inside you, and watching them pour on the page.

I know the feeling of a new creative path ready to be explored if only a gentle guide will help you take the first steps.

I know the giddiness and light-headedness of seeing one’s words on paper and feeling something authentic, if imperfect, was created.

Writing is making oneself vulnerable. It’s accepting to reveal, if only on paper, a shadow part of oneself. It’s taking a leap of faith not knowing if a net will catch you.

Well, I will.

About the workshop

In my first online writing workshops, available in English and in French, I will guide you through a series of prompts to help you find the words you’re holding inside. Step by step, I will provide the little spark that will ignite your imagination.

Each workshop unfolds around a theme. This first one is all about books and their magic, a subject that is dear to me and, I hope, to you. It’s both familiar enough that we’ll start in shallow waters, and rich enough to lead us to uncharted seas.

The workshop is designed to provide at least two hours of writing. Each prompt is timed so that you know what to expect and when to stop. I know not everyone can carve two hours from their schedule, so you’ll be free to organise your time within a full week.

At the end of Week One, when you’ve completed the prompts, we’ll turn to the other half of the workshop, which is all about community. Writing is solitary, but I believe in the power of exchange with fellow creative souls. That’s why each workshop will gather together between two and ten people. I will collect the texts and send them to all the participants. You will have another week to read them and take notes on how the texts make you feel. Then, at the end of Week Two, we will meet for an online chat (probably on Skype, text only, no webcam) to exchange positive feedback and lift each other up. This will give you perspective on your own writing and help you hone your style.

How can you join?

If you’re interested, please reach out to me. Registration for the workshop is 50€ (55 $USD, 45 £) which includes everything described above. Payment is by Paypal only, and includes one last review of your texts by myself, if needed.

Feel daunted?

If you’re unsure a group workshop is right for you, feel free to send me a message so we can chat. I offer one-on-one sessions, either for one of the workshops currently available on my website, or for a bespoke coaching.

I'm looking forward to welcome you to your own imagination.

Literary yours,


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