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The editor's blurb (my translation)

Step through the doors to other worlds!
12 short stories revisit the genre of the Isekai (stepping from our world to another), composed by writers of talent (6 of which won the Imaginales prize for short fiction with our previous anthology).


Keep in mind that we can't be held responsible for cracks in reality, and that what lies beyond isn't always safe.

My short story "To paint apricot trees in bloom" is a sweet-and-sour tale about Penny, an eighty-something painter. To her, adventure can be as simple as a puddle on her way to the door of her home. And yet, it's quite a different kind of surprise that awaits her when she steps in and find herself far from her daily life and her friend Martha waiting for Penny at the retirement home. Who knows, maybe Penny will find out that there are always new things to discover about the world around us.

Content warnings: grief, hospital.

The editor's blurb (my translation)

Collection of 15 short stories nominated for the 2022 competition held by the Play Again association.

With its headquarters in Wavre (Belgium), this association promotes diversity, respect and kindness. Created to uphold freedom of thought, of choice and of word, it favours atypical talents and helps their voices be heard.


In my short story "From Soul to Soul" (2nd place in the competition), the narrator is determined to leave a trace of who she was, even if it means sacrificing more than she'd expected.

Content warnings: suicide, death of a child (from disease).


The editor's blurb

Fantasy Art and Studies is a bilingual journal dedicated to Fantasy fiction, that appears twice a year. It aims at exploring the different facets of Fantasy, through the joint publication of creative works and academic papers. English and French are the two working languages of the journal.

My short story "The Light stepped forward with her" is a piece in chiaroscuro, a hommage to my beloved genre, dark academia. Lios, student of luminology, gets permission to study a special artefact, Meriane's Case, held in safe custody in the depth of the luminothecary. And for a good reason...

Content warnings: darkness, confined spaces.

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