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Ecrire l'imaginaire - a series of workshops and interviews

In addition to the writing workshops I offer in my shop, I also organise in-person writing workshops around Paris, and I sometimes take part in lovely projects like "Ecrire l'imaginaire" (writing the speculative"). Born from a very different idea, it turned into a series of workshops with a high school class and interviews with two French authors of SFFF: Jeanne Mariem Corrèze, who started her career in March 2020 with Le Chant des Cavalières, and Estelle Faye, a reknowed French writer of all genres for all ages (including Un Eclat de Givre and Les Seigneurs de Bohen for adults, Les Guerriers de Glace for middle-grade children).

In 3 one-hour sessions, I helped the pupils discover that they too could step on the other side of the book and write their own stories, that inspiration wasn't a lightning striking randomly but rather a muscle demanding warming up and gently pulling.

Meeting the authors, both with the pupils and before that with the small organising team I was part of, was fabulous moments that fortunately we partly captured in video. Jeanne Mariem Corrèze and Estelle Faye shared with a lot of generosity their experiences, their doubts and their strengths. If I'd appeared on screen, you'd have seen each time the beatific grin on my face, and my brimming enthusiasm - that, for the purpose of the interview, I showed silently.

Find below the interview with Jeanne Mariem Corrèze (in French):

And the interview with Estelle Faye here :

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